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Summer time and me

The leaves are starting to change colour, and summer is coming closer to ending. It's been a busy one, for sure. Working pretty much full time, trying to keep up with the garden (anyone want some squash? I have a ton!) and play with my horses a bit. Full days. Good ones, though. It's been a much better summer weatherwise, not nearly so hot and dry, a big relief for us, especially with the hay. Last summer was awful, so hot and virtually no rain, so this is good.
All the horses are doing well, and the baby is growing so tall. She is just the apple of everyone's eye, really sweet and smart.
We're so lucky.
I spent part of the afternoon raking the huge manure pile in the field. We have to have it hauled away, but it's a huge job, and we have to find someone who wants it, so for now we're managing it as best we can. Darned horses just keep on pooping. Maybe we should feed them less, LOL. I'm getting soft since we hired someone to do the work on weekends, so we now have a barn worker 7 days a week. I used to do stalls two days a week, and my hands were real worker's hands. Now the calluses have gone, so I am now the proud owner of a big old blister on my right palm. Getting soft, for sure. :)

I miss the Olympics..I was glued to the TV (CBC's coverage was great) and am so proud of the Canadian team, especially the women. They totally rocked. Now what will I watch? Back to the multi channel, nothing to watch, damn. Oh well, the new seasons of my favourite shows will start soon.
On Saturday night I joined over 11 million other Canadians watching the Tragically Hip in their last concert of the Man/Machine tour. It was amazing, that feeling of being part of something that spoke to our sense of community through the words and music of a group that is so deeply connected to this country. The sadness we all felt knowing that Gord Downie is battling terminal brain cancer made it all the more poignant, and powerful. He gave absolutely every bit of his being to the music, and to the audience. It was something I will never forget. Thank you, CBC, for a 2 1/2 hour concert broadcast without commercials. Wow.
Then it was done.

Monthly Check In Time

Since I actually booted up the old laptop tonight instead of just playing on my phone (I watched the season finale of Orphan Black just now, OMFG, can't wait for next season), I figured I'd write a few words here. I'm still here, mostly keeping pretty quiet, but still here. Life is busy, time flies by, and all of a sudden it's the middle of summer. I'm still working 3 shifts a week at my day job, the one that pays me real money, and trying to fit everything else in too. I haven't spent as much time at the farm as I'd like, but when I get out there I manage to get in some decent gardening time, and play with my horses a little, and all that good stuff.

Our little filly is not so little anymore; she is five weeks old today, and has grown in leaps and bounds. She is just a delight. Sweet natured and easy to work with, and really beautiful..all the best attributes of both her parents. We are besotted with her. I have pictures, but they're on my phone, and I'm not sure how to get them onto my laptop. She's black with two little white socks, and a tiny star on her forehead.

My garden is growing; today I picked some peas, and some broccoli and kale for dinner. I noticed that the fava beans were covered with aphids, yuck. A good blast of water from the hose knocked most of them off; I've never grown fava beans before, so I'm not sure if aphids are something they generally get bothered by. I have lots of beans planted, so hopefully the problem won't spread to them. Otherwise, goodbye fava beans. I would like to dig up some more ground for an herb garden and some perennials like strawberries and asparagus, but don't know if that will happen.

I have to find time this week to renew my driver's license. It expires on my birthday this month, so off I'll go to wrestle with the Motor Vehicle Department. Yay. This has me looking in the mirror, wondering if they'll make me change my hair colour designation from brown to gray. Haven't coloured my hair in months, and I am slowly getting used to it being more silvery than reddish brown. I kind of like it, really.

I threw out my favourite sandles yesterday. I was sad. They were the most comfortable sandles, and I walked miles in them. Bought them for my trip to Arizona for the last ATPO gathering, several years ago now, and throwing them away was like throwing away some good times. Silly, but true. Speaking of ATPO and gatherings, I sure wish we could all get together again at some point. We had such great times!

Time for bed. The farrier is coming tomorrow, so I have to be up and out to the farm by 9 a.m.

Happy Fourth of July to all of you in the USA! Be careful with the fireworks.



We have a new baby at the farm! A beautiful, healthy filly, born early Sunday morning. All went well. She was born at our Veterinarian's clinic, so it was much less stressful for us. We brought them home the next day, and we are thrilled,proud, and very grateful. We got just what we hoped for: a healthy beautiful girl, with added bonus of a sweet nature. And she is so black she is almost blue!😃

Gardening days and other things

I went to a gardener's version of a chocolate shop today to feast my eyes on the flowers and to pick up some plants for my friends at the farm. There is a border along the walkway in front of the house that needs some TLC, so I suggested we plant heather. After talking to the master gardener at the nursery, I went with lavender instead. I thought heather was drought tolerant, but it seems it isn't. I guess I should have known, since it grows in Scotland, which isn't very deserty.
I bought several different tomato plants, heritage varieties, some flats of bush beans and fava beans, and something tall and purple that is used like spinach. Had to quit before I bought more stuff than I can fit into my little garden space. I really want to expand it, if I ever find time. As it is, I barely have time to do a proper job with the space I have. :sigh: My dreams exceed my grasp.
On the way home I passed a farmer's stall and bought some local stawberries, picked this morning. Delicious, and even better dipped in Nutella!

I watched the season finale of Once Upon A Time, and I think it might have been my favourite episode of the season. Very clever twists, which open up some intriguing possibilities.
Haven't had much time for TV, and I am way behind in some of the shows I was following, like The 100. I think I'll have to hide away and do a netflix binge for that one.
I bought the Star Wars The Force Awakens dvd. Now to watch it!
I need to take some time off from work and chill..haven't had a vacation in ages. That has to wait until after June,since we have a big horse show coming up, plus the new baby! The foal is due anytime now, and we're so excited, and nervous too. The mare who is the surrogate is looking great, and she's had a foal of her own, but this is always a nervous time. She is going to go to the Vet Clinic to foal, so they can monitor her closely.
Busy days.
I spent a very hot afternoon putting in my veggie garden yesterday. I swear every year that I will be organized and that my garden will be neat and orderly and all will grow as I command. LOL! The truth is that my garden is less plan, and more freeform, put it in the ground and hope it grows..we shall see how that works. I give myself an E for effort, anyways.
Life is busy, and time flies by, so I have learned not to sweat thr small stuff. That applies to most aspects of my life, one of the things getting older has taught me. The important things are good health, good friends, family, and finding something to be passionate about.
Happy Mother's Day.

Happy Spring, and in other news..

Spring has sprung,
The grass is riz,
I wonder where
My LJ is!

Oh, here it is. It's been so long I was sure I'd lost it down the black hole where stray socks and pens go..

How is everyone? Still a few stalwart souls around LJ I see; I do miss the heady days when we would watch the latest episode of Buffy and rush to LJ to talk about it. Now it seems that like others on my flist, my interest and time has drifted away. I browse through Facebook, comment occasionally there, but I do miss what I used to find here. Time marches on, things change.

I still have my fannish side; I am really enjoying OUAT this season, am watching Lucifer, and The Flash. I am sad that Downton Abbey is done, but I was quite satisfied with the ending. Other than that, I haven't had a lot of time for TV watching.

Life has been busy: I've been working pretty much full time this winter because we have four of our young horses in training, and that's expensive. Very exciting to get them started on their careers, but it ain't cheap. I am lucky I can work at a job I still like and pick and choose my days, but I hope eventually to be able to slow down a bit.

Spring is here, though, and it's time to start working on the garden. There goes my leisure time! Never mind, it's all good.

I've been watching the political show in the USA with a mixture of horror, disbelief, and relief that I live here where we have made (I hope) a decent choice in our government. I am really disturbed by the tone of the comments on some of the sites, there just seems to be a great lack of filters, or of civility. It's going to be a rocky ride to November.

Now I'm starting to babble, so I'll sign off.
But I'll be back.

Dec. 21st, 2015

One more sleep until I see Star Wars The Force Awakens, and it's safe to come back to the internet.
Did you know that the inspiration for The Force came from a short film made by a Canadian in 1964? It was a film called 21-87, and George Lucas saw it when he was a film student. Just a bit of Star Wars trivia to pass the time.

Hello, it's me.

To quote the amazing Adele, hello. Popping up for the sort of monthly post, just to let everyone know I'm still here. Just not terribly active on line these days, because life is busy, and I have other things that are demanding my time. I have found it a bit depressing to read a lot of the stuff that is eating up the internet, so I've just elected to keep my distance. Not that my friends are depressing, you understand! It's just the general negativity that seems to have overtaken a part of the internets. I know the world is a scary place at times, but my optimistic nature prefers to believe in the underlying goodness of it, and some days after I read some of the crazy, xenophobic, and just plain nasty posts on places like Facebook, I need to go away and focus on my own RL corner of the world, where people are kind, and don't view everything new as a threat. So that's why I have been kind of not here.

I am pleased with the results of the election in October; I sense a new feeling of hope and optimism with the election of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party. I hope they manage to live up to their promises, and make our country a better one. Funny thing, the first federal election I ever voted in (years ago) gave us a Prime Minister Trudeau. I voted for the father, and now for the son. The wheel of time, eh?

In other news, I have been really busy at work, still doing 3 shifts a week at the hospital. Mostly in the Coronary Care Unit, some in ICU. With our horses getting older and going into training, the financial outlay is a lot more; hence, working still. I am so pleased to see their progress I don't mind that I have to put in more hours to keep it going. We are sending one of the girls to a big dressage trainer in Alberta after Christmas; she'll be gone for the winter at least. She's a very talented horse with huge potential and deserves the time and money to reach it. Our other star, Sera, is doing amazingly well with a new rider. She is going make a lot of heads turn come show season. Our two boys are 4 now, and need to get started. We will eventually sell some of the horses, but they have to be ready to ride if we want to get the best price for them. This is the hardest part of breeding horses; getting them matched with appropriate riders and trainers, and keeping the training going. It's worth the effort.

My kitty Annie died last month; she was 17 (85 in people years) and had a good long life, and a peaceful death. Now I'm down to just one cat, Sam. He's doing okay, and seems to like being an only cat. No competition for Mom's lap!

Watching a few shows on TV: Still love Once Upon A Time, enjoy Flash, Doctor Who, and The Librarians, and Elementary. I watch a lot less TV these days, preferring to spend my evenings reading, or working on my cross stitch project.

I haven't moved yet, mostly because I don't want to do all the commuting from the farm to the city to work during the winter. The trip is an hour on good days, and during the bad weather it can be a lot more. I thought it over, and decided to wait until spring. I like my little apartment well enough, and it's only a ten minute drive to work.

I can't wait for the new Star Wars movie! Very excited about it after seeing the trailers. My friends from the book store and I have had a tradition for years, going to see the Lord of the Rings movies around Christmas, then The Hobbit, and now we're keeping it going with Star Wars. A Christmas treat to look forward to.

Have to stop now. I have tendinitis in my left shoulder, and can only type for so long before it starts to hurt. I will try to be here a little more often.

Time passes by..

Months, it seems. Life happens, and occasionally I manage to get some of it written up here.
So, summer. Long, hot, dry. Gardening was a challenge due to water restriction. My tomatoes did well, as did the green beans. Lettuce and other greens not so much. No squash this year on the manure pile; it was too hot and dry. Things are still growing, like the kale, chard and leeks. I am starting to plan for next year.

My friends moved into their new house at the farm. I was planning on moving out there into my new apartment this fall, but have decided to wait until spring so I don't have the long commute in the winter.

The horses are all good. One has gone off to a trainer for a month to get experience going out to the park etc. We just finished the final dressage show of the season, and our beautiful Seraphina was the Training Level Champion. We are so proud of her!

My sister came for a visit. We went out for dinner a lot, had a great time.

My cat Annie, who is 17, is, I am so sad to say, not long for this world. She was diagnosed with cancer a week ago, and we are doing everything possible to keep her comfortable. It's hard, but I am coming to terms with the inevitable.

That's my life to date.


It was a very busy weekend. We were at the big dressage show from Thursday until this afternoon, with our 5 year old mare, Seraphina. It was her second big show, and she was a star. It's definitely in her blood, because she just knows when it's time to put on her game face. We are so happy with what she did, we could just burst. She was doing training level, and won 4 first place ribbons, 1 second, 1 third, and 1 fourth. She was third overall, but got the highest score when all the tests were added up. Unfortunately,not every test counted for the championship.
We had so much fun, worked hard, ate some good food, and couldn't ask for more.
I am very tired now. But happy tired!


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